Age Of Mind
Age Of Mind
Julia Leontyev is a contemporary artist with a passion for the abstract style. Her paintings and graphic drawings are a window into a multi-dimensional, intricate world; an emotionally charged exploration of the inner self. These original patterns, distinguished by unstoppable line motion, can be purchased, and new ones commissioned, for commercial use: designs for printing on canvas, wall paper, textile, bed linen, china, or anything else that sparks the imagination of a creative entrepreneur.
Click to watch the new Motion Art Slideshow featuring graphic drawings and paintings by Julia Leontyev.
“The Endless” – accompanied by Tarkovsky Quartet “Music for a While”
Click to watch the Motion Art Slideshow of Julia Leontyev’s graphic drawings.
Part 1 – music by J.S. Bach
Part 2 – music by T.H. Haynes and A. Desplat

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  1. Amaizing! Power of fantasy converting the realistic mode of brain functioning into a sort of creative substance… I feel – wish to observe some of them again, and again…My gratitude and best wishes to the artist! Sincerely, Nataliya Neyzhmakova, New York.

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