Artist Statement

P1130041The first time I put a brush to the canvas I must have been almost fifty. The experience was enlightening to say the least! It was as if the years spent outside the world of painting, with many highs and lows in my constant search for self-expression (be it through music, literature, or drawing) was all just preparation for my inevitable encounter with painting. I shed the fear that comes from the unknown, delved deeper into what for me was already known, and trust in my own intuition became the key to my creativity.

Every day, whether intentionally or otherwise, I accumulate more knowledge: exhibitions, books, art journals, the internet with its endless potential for education, short courses by talented artists, discussions with friends, observation both of nature and its inhabitants—this is an incomplete list of how I learn and enrich myself. Each act of self expression, in art and painting in particular, is an episode in a long adventure, through which I absorb and acquire new skills and techniques.

I enjoy working with watercolour, acrylic, oil, ink, and mixed media, mostly in the abstract style. Lately I’ve become obsessed with graphics: through Zentangles, a technique widely employed for meditative drawing, I have discovered for myself an inexhaustible source for expressing every facet of my rich inner-life. It is of great importance to me that my paintings contain the sense of motion and the flow of energy; despite the diversity of their subject matter, I hope I have managed to accomplish this.

To complete a work I must fall in love with it. Without love there is no satisfaction, nor acceptance that one is giving birth to a work of art.

Julia Leontyev

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