20211018_111950_2Julia Leontyev is a Melbourne based artist originally from Eastern Europe. Her works draw inspiration from both European and Oriental traditions, with a particular focus on graphical and fractal patterns. Nature and the subconscious are two major themes unifying the intricate, organic lines and fantastical colour combinations, giving one a vague sense of familiarity within her thoroughly abstract creations. Julia expresses herself best through small sized works, but they look magnificent when enlarged on paper, canvas or even fabric. She has also created mesmerising and hypnotic slideshows of her works, against the backdrop of equally poignant music.

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  1. Amaizing! Power of fantasy converting the realistic mode of brain functioning into a sort of creative substance… I feel – wish to observe some of them again, and again…My gratitude and best wishes to the artist! Sincerely, Nataliya Neyzhmakova, New York.

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